Jahnvi Society For Social Welafre

       Jahnvi Society for Social Welfare has been started by Saurabh Sharma B.Engg. (C.S.E) along with his Eminent Team, after having served the society for almost five years, on the 12 Day of July 2012 with a noble mission, which is, to make our world a better place for everyone to live.

To foster the environment of the communities to successfully mobilize their resource required for achieving its mandate. Shared responsibility among people, dialogue among cultures, commitment for development, diversities and peace will contribute to work together in changing minds, changing practices, and changing lives for a progressive transformation.


Each and every person is equal and has every right to live in this world with dignity .There should be no room for any discrimination whether it is in the form of gender, caste, religion or region. Leading people to a world where everyone has access to Food, Drinking Water, Health, Education, Empowerment, Security, Clean & Hygienic Environment, Healthy Childhood, Promotion of Rights of every Woman, Man and Child to enjoy a healthy life and equal opportunities in a self dependant and sustainable community, India.


We have set some values for succeeding and achieving the mission and vision of the Society. We must share as the following:

       Passion for the cause of global social transformation to contribute and support the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and objectives.

         Trust in the capacity of women, children and young people, trust the governance in the communities to create, innovate, implement and develop their future for a better life.

        Persistence to overcome setbacks, obstacles, hindrances and discouragement, incorporating gender perspectives into substantive work.

     The Desire and commitment to work for the goal of achieving gender balance, and interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relations in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

“Jahnvi Society for Social Welfare”

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