CM plants a sapling to mark the “World Environment Day”…….

JahnviJune 5, 20201min33380

       The Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, planted a sapling in a garden near the newly constructed Mantralay building to the mark the occassion of the World Environment Day. He showed his concern for the rising global temperature and falling earth’s water levels. He said,  ‘”The only way to resolve this problem is by planting tree. It is an uphill task but not impossible. If we are to save the world we have to take up this task seriously. According to studies the earth’s temperature will rise by 2 degrees by 2050 and the glaciers can melt. The human race will be forced to face all sorts of natural disasters helplessly. We have to be more judicious when it comes to using and consuming the natural resources and minerals”.

       The Bhopal Commissioner Kavindra Kiyawat, Bhopal DIG of Police Irshad Wali, Bhopal Collector Tarun Pithode, Media Journalists and other Senior Officers were also present during the event.

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