Irrfan Khan Donated For Corona Patients Anonymously Reveals Friend…….


       Irrfan Khan’s friend and neighbour Ziaullah has revealed that the late actor had donated money for the patients of coronavirus, adding, “His only clause was nobody should know he has helped.” He added, “Now, I’m sharing this with the world as he’s no more.” Ziaullah further said, “It’s our responsibility to tell everyone that there are souls like this too.” It’s been one month since actor Irrfan Khan left us for his heavenly abode. For those who got the opportunity to know him, he was a fine human being who entertained millions with his solid acting skills and always extended a helping hand towards the needy. Remembering the actor now, one of his close friends and neighbour from Jaipur, Ziaullah, recalled the mighty generous man that Irrfan was. He revealed how the late actor always believed in doing charity silently and made sure that no news about the same came out in the media. Ziaullah said Irrfan had also donated for the patients of COVID-19 but warned everyone against talking about it.

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