Grab officers by their collar: Chhattisgarh minister’s guide on how to become a leader……..

      Chhattisgarh minister Kawasi Lakhma gave strange advice to youngsters when the schoolchildren asked for tips on becoming a leader. In a video which has been posted by Chhattisgarh minister Kawasi Lakhma says he advised a boy to “hold the collar of SP and collector to become a big politician” when asked him how to become a leader. As he recounts the episode, the minister is flanked by children in school uniform. Kawasi Lakhma reportedly made the remark on September 5 at a government school in Sukma district. In the video, the Congress minister is seen sitting among schoolchildren and heard narrating some recent incident of interaction with students. Lakhma is heard saying to some people who were not in the frame, that once he was asked by a student how he become a “big leader”. “The boy asked me how I became a big politician and what he had to do (to become a political leader). I told him to hold the collar of SP (superintendent of police) or (district) collector, the Chhattisgarh minister says as students laugh.