The Academy’s Horseriders win five Gold and three Silver medals at the National Junior Equestrian Competition at Jaipur Nine players gets selected for junior national equestrian competition…….


         The players of Madhya Pradesh State Equestrian Academy performed brilliantly in the qualifying trials of the Junior National Equestrian Competition and Regional Equestrian League held in Jaipur from 20 to 24 September 2019, winning eight medals including five gold and three silver. Also nine academy players qualified for the junior national equestrian competition. The competition will be played in Bengaluru from December 20 to 31, 2019.Minister of Sports and Youth Welfare Jeetu Patwari and Director Sports and Youth Welfare Dr. Dr. Jha, were pleased and happy on the achievement of the Academy’s horseriders. Sl Thousen has expressed happiness and congratulated the medal winning players.The players who won medalsUnder the competition are Lakshmi Kewat of the Academy in the Children Group-1 Day Saj (Individual) event in the age group of 12 to 14 years and Hamza Akil in the Children Group-2 Day Saj (Individual) Event earned one Gold Medal each. Academy player Kanchan Rajput received the junior jumping in the individual event. Similarly, the players of the academy won a gold medal in the team event of the Children Group-2 Day. The team consisted of Hamza Akil, Vineet Parihar and Sanskar Rathore. In the group-2 jumping team event, academy players Arjun Singh, Vineet Parihar, Hamza Akil and Sanskar Rathore also earned gold. Academy players Meera Malaiya, Kanchan and Aditya earned silver medals in Junior Day 4 team event. Aryan Pant, Anandi, Lakshmi Kewat and Tushar Jat in Group-1 Day Team Event and Lakshmi, Preeti, Aryan and Anandi earned one silver each in Jumping Team Event.Academy’s equestrian Kanchan Rajput, Meera Malaiya, Lakshmi Kewat, Aditya Ayush, Preity, Aryan Pant, Vineet Parihar, Hamza Akil and Anandi Singh have qualified for the junior national competition. In the qualifying trials and regional equestrian leagues, seven academy boys and six girl players earned medals by participating under the leadership of Chief Instructor Captain Bhagirath.