Both houses of Parliament become Wi-Fi enabled to save paper……..


       Wi-Fi intranet has been installed in both houses of the Parliament, the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. Till now, the unavailability of Wi-Fi and mobile phone network due to jammers inside the houses meant making physical copies of all bills, amendments and reports for all members. Members can now use tablets and phones to access the material.

      Due to security reasons, jammers are present in the premises of the Parliament. These kill mobile signals inside the two houses. Till now, this meant paper copies for each bill, amendment, standing committee report etc to be distributed for proceedings as they couldn’t be accessed online on mobile devices, tablets or laptops by MPs. For debates MPs had to visit the library and take printouts of the research material and bring them to the House. If a minister needed some material to bolster his or her argument – again printouts had to be made. MPs were often seen complaining that they didn’t receive the copy of a bill or amendment which the House planned to take up Sources Indiatoday.