“Happy Independence Day”


“Happy 70th Independence Day”

       JahnviNews wishes all our viewers a very Happy Independence Day. Today we are celebrating our 70th year of freedom which was provided to us by our great freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to ensure “A Free MotherLand & A Free Sky” for us. We all must rise up from our differences and must work together to make our great country “Greatest In The World”, which is not at all difficult. We don’t realize that this world have always looked up on to us for ideas of great innovations and inventions. We are the ones who have always provided that spark which have really made the difference over all picture of this current World.

       But the irony is that we have become so insensitive that we are taking pride in criticizing the invaluable work done by our ancestors in shaping this great nation, which even the greatest super powers of this world can not ignore, just to get political mileage. We have become so insensitive that we are making shameless choices in the “Party Influenced” selections of our “National Heroes”. Now they are making heroes of whom they have come so far criticizing just to gain political mileage and defaming the other equally great leaders. Why don’t we understand a simple thing that work of our elders should be acknowledged and not criticized. History is to learn and not to erase/change.

       Things will not change on their own. As our constitution says, “We the People”, are the ones who can and will make the difference and not fall in the hands of our corrupt politicians as an instrument of creating difference in the name of religion, cast, creed, sex or region. This is Saurabh Sharma signing of with a strong desire of breathing an Independent India from religionlalism , Independent India from castism, Independent India from regionalism very soon…….


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